hey! we’re emma + ryan

our story

As ever with us, it’s an untraditional route into a relationship. We met in the French Alps whilst doing a bit of work & a lot of snowboarding/apres. Our early 20’s were spent mostly apart, in different countries – surfing, snowboarding and occasionally working. We stayed friends and eventually fate intervened and threw us together, and we’ve been inseparable ever since!

10 years ago we got hitched and it’s been pretty wild since, our little business grew and then so did our family. Yep that’s right we’re in charge of little humans – 3 to be precise! If that wasn’t enough we also have our beagle Rue who is totally driven by food and a little crazy.

Recently we made a huge move from the Midlands to the North Devon Coast where Emma grew up.

why become wedding videographers?

We never had a wedding video. To be honest we didn’t like the idea of the traditional, long, stare into each other’s eyes, lovey-dovey wedding video. Completely not down for that!

Hindsight is a bitch – we totally should have had a video. Yes photo’s are good but nothing replaces having a video of you, your family and friends together from that time.

We started this business to give couples the kind of wedding videos we wanted and loved. Something that goes against the grain, is fast-paced, flowing and captures the real spirit of the day. We never take life too seriously and bring passion, creativity and fun to every wedding we crash!