Terms and Conditions


We are The Wandering Film Company which is a trading style of Bad Form Studios Ltd (“The Wandering Film Company”, “we”). Bad Form Studios Ltd is a company registered in England and Wales under company number 13242689 and its registered office address is First Floor, Telecom House, 125-135 Preston Road, Brighton, East Sussex BN1 6AF

Refund Policy

•All weddings require a non-refundable deposit of £300 to secure the booking.

•The final balance for the Wedding Package must be paid, and cleared in our bank account, 4 weeks before the wedding date. If payments are not received by the due date, The Wandering Film Company reserves the right to void the booking.

• Package prices are based upon local travel with 1 vehicle. Where travel is outside a 50 mile area, or 2 cars are required by the videographers due to the logistics of your day, additional expenses may be incurred.

•The price we quote you is not subject to VAT. You will receive an invoice detailing your booking. We accept payment by direct bank transfer.


• The Wandering Film Company will not charge a postponement fee and have waived standard admin charges for moving wedding dates in 2021 and 2022.

• Dates will be subject to availability.

• From March 31st, 2021 – If your original package price is less than the current package price then the difference will be added to the new booking and will need to be paid in line with the final balance clause.

• Once a new date has been selected, the deposit receipt will be reissued to confirm the new balance due date.

Cancellation Charges

• 90 days before the date – deposit only

• 30 days before the date – deposit and half the remaining balance

• Less than 30 days before the date – deposit and full balance

Shooting Schedule

•Shooting will start a minimum of 1 hour before the ceremony unless otherwise agreed, and this time forms part of the number of hours of shooting that are included in your package. This time is necessary to accomplish all our on-site preparation and take shots of the venue, the guests, wedding party and bride’s arrival. Should we choose to arrive earlier than this, the Customer is not liable to pay for the additional time.

•All Package times are based on a day up to 9 hours and will stop at the conclusion of the First Dance or after the completion of the number of hours that form part of the package whichever is the earlier, unless agreed otherwise, If further time is required from the videographer(s) then this should be discussed before the event.

Additional hours are chargeable at £200 per hour.

In the event that celebrations on the day run late, howsoever caused, we will attend until up to 15 minutes after the scheduled finishing time (as described in above),this will be free of charge. After this time, attendance is at the videographers’ discretion and subject to an hourly rate, chargeable by the half- hour, and payable by the client prior to the shipment of the finished film. Late running of proceedings, a change in the running order, or concatenation of events may impact the amount of footage we are able to obtain. For the purposes of clarification, we do not video continuously during the day. As such, we ask for a detailed running order in advance, and to be kept abreast of unfolding events on the day. We cannot be held liable for any impact on the video caused by inaccurate information provided to us or the commencement of key parts of the day without due warning being given. Where additional hours of shooting have been agreed, these hours commence at the pre-agreed finishing or First Dance time (rather than the time as actually transpires on the wedding day) and are not extendable (without further charges applying) in the case of logistical delays or overruns.

•If food and drink is going to be provided for our videographer(s) at the reception, We do not eat with your guests, but we do take our break during the wedding breakfast. If there is any change to the timing of the speeches/ or anything that the customer would like to be videoed then we will need prior notice so we make sure we are there to film. We can not be held liable for missed items if noticed is not given.

•Whilst we shall make every effort to arrive in a timely manner, The Wandering Film Company cannot be held responsible for any impact on the videographers’ attendance and timeliness caused by traffic delays, severe weather conditions, unforeseen illness or incapacity, or technical camera or sound equipment failure. We reserve the right to change the nominated attending videographer(s) at any stage.

Camera Positions & Shooting Conditions

• The Wandering Film Company will make every effort to use the best position for the cameras to video the event, taking into account restrictions imposed upon The Wandering Film Company on the day. During the formal parts of the day (ceremony, speeches) we do not always have the facility to change camera positions without causing disturbance and/or potential impact on our smooth operation. As such, the Customer understands and accepts that video coverage will be impacted by such restrictions as; camera placements imposed by venues/registrars/vicars/celebrants, refusal of permission to video part of the day, the use of restricted spaces which impacts the ability to operate the camera in our preferred manner, restrictions on the use of a tripod, visual obstruction or camera shake caused by persons or uneven/flexible flooring surfaces, obscured positions taken up by individuals participating in the formal parts of the day, refusal to allow two operated cameras to be used at all required times (where applicable to the package and regardless of the time at which such refusal comes about).

•The Customer understands and accepts that the video coverage will be as determined by the videographer’s professional expertise. Further, the Customer understands that where only 1 camera is able to be used, coverage of certain parts of the day may be impacted by logistics, unplanned eventualities or interference from third parties. Special requests from the Customer are not binding instructions, although every effort is made to comply with the Customer’s wishes where practicable. We are not always able to video both the departure from the marriage venue and arrival at the reception venue (where both apply) due to the logistics of the particular day, or prevalent traffic conditions. Please note that in the circumstance that your wedding takes place immediately after another at the same venue, accessibility and congregational issues may prevent us from obtaining all the footage that we would wish prior to the start of your ceremony.

• The Wandering Film Company attends every event with more than 1 camera at it’s disposal, to ensure that backup is available in the case of technical equipment failure, and to date we have experienced no such failures. However we are not responsible for temporary camera or equipment failure for reasons beyond our control, for media card failures, or the operation thereof, where such equipment is not under our control. We reserve the right not work in any situation (e.g. inclement weather conditions) which may compromise the safety of either our equipment or our videographer(s). We reserve the right to substitute for cameras of a lower specification in extreme circumstances.

•We cannot be held responsible for any detrimental impact on the video sound caused by the refusal (or denial of permission) of any person to wear or use a radio microphone on request (primarily the groom during the ceremony), or such problems as loud ambient noise, radio or mobile phone interference, air conditioning systems, traffic or aircraft noise, crying children, stray sounds caused by personal actions, very low speaking volume by those making formal speeches or readings, echo or sound-deadening properties of the shooting location, or shutter noise from nearby cameras. Where only a single camera is allowed during the ceremony, or where other restrictions apply, or where the Customer’s booking only covers the use of a single camera, the recording of any music or performances occurring during the day cannot be guaranteed.

•Shooting in low light situations (e.g. small rooms, candlelight, disco/dance areas, evenings and nights outdoors) may impact on the quality of the image captured by the camera, including temporary loss of focus. In such situations, we will endeavor to achieve a bright image without significant degradation in image quality (graininess). The Wandering Film Company cannot guarantee video quality in adverse lighting or weather conditions, or in rooms generating a strong colour tinge to the light that may not be satisfactorily correctable during editing. In particular, the Customer should be aware that rooms predominantly lit in red or purple hues are not conducive to a sharp or flattering camera image.

•We make special effort to work smoothly alongside the official photographer but cannot be held responsible for any detrimental impact on the footage and the final video caused by the actions of the official photographer, such as; photography session locations chosen which may not be well suited to video, repeated obstruction of our camera positions, refusal to allow us to video any part of the formal photography sessions.

•Our creativity in shooting is in part dependent on the characteristics of the wedding venues, weather on the day, the style and methodology of the official photographer and the timings and logistics of the day. Similarly, areas chosen for the formal parts of the day – which are outside of the control of the videographer(s) – may in some venues lead to extreme backlighting or images of high shadow or contrast, or partial or temporary obstruction of the subject being videoed due to the position taken up by the subject.

• The Wandering Film Company will seek to obtain the best source footage for inclusion in segments of the video that require the active participation of attendees at the event, however we cannot be held responsible for any impact on the video caused by a low level of participation. We do not habitually approach your guests for contributions, but ask that venue officials or members of the bridal party do so. Please note that our videographers attend in a professional capacity and are not obliged to accede to any request to operate cameras or camcorders belonging to any attendees.

• We ask our couples to set aside 30mins for our videographer(s) to shoot the portrait sections of your film. This time must be separate from that of the professional photographer.

The Finished Film

• The Wandering Film Company will edit your film to our professional standards and shall have final editorial control on the finished product in all cases.

•The film is designed to be viewed by a family audience, and as such we will not include any music containing profane, inappropriate or controversial lyrics or themes. Additionally, we will make every effort to exclude any profane language or gestures that may have been recorded on the day. Our aim during the formal parts of the day (ceremony, speeches) is to record and present events as they happen. It is not usually possible to ‘fix’ any mistakes or hitches that may occur in such live and unique occasions.

•We will provide you with 3 copies of your wedding film on a wooden USB stick in a presentation box. The 3 copies of your film will be in formats so you can share your film online. Further copies of the USB stick or further additional services may be ordered separately at a later date. DVDs are also available on request at an additional charge.

•As part of our packages, we offer a private online screening of the finished film for the customer to review.

• The Wandering Film Company makes every effort to deliver the finished film of your wedding within twelve weeks of your Wedding Date or within eight weeks of your providing a complete and finalized music list (or other material necessary for the production of the film) to us, whichever is the later. However during the busy season this may vary. Such a timescale excludes any unforeseen illness, incapacity, hospitalisation or bereavement, technical problems within the Company, or force majeure events. The Wandering Film Company cannot be held liable for any delays caused by the postal service.

Music & Sound

•All Music included in the film will be chosen personally by you unless otherwise agreed. Where we receive only general guidelines for the music choices, we will always use music that works with your wedding theme and the films flow.

•We cannot be held liable for any delays in supplying the finished film caused by the late supply to The Wandering Film Company of music or other information necessary for the production of the film. In the event of delays, customers who provide music in a timely manner will be edited in preference. If we do not receive all such necessary instructions from you within 8 weeks of your wedding date, completion of the film will only be within the best timescale achievable. We can get very busy during the summer months and will always keep you updated on your films progress.

Permissions, Licenses & Copyright

•The Customer must obtain permission to video at the location(s) from the relevant authorities, and is responsible for any fees that may be levied by such authorities (e.g. fees for shooting in church levied by the vicar/church). Please note that some performers can explicitly refuse to have their visual or audio performances recorded for their own licensing reasons, and we must comply with such requests.

• Where commercial copyright music is used in your wedding film, The Wandering Film Company ask that the Customer not distribute the film where it would be deemed in breach of the producer/artist/performer copyright. The Wandering Film Company is not liable for any fees or charges the Customer may incur for this. 

•Unless otherwise stated in the booking, The Wandering Film Company retains joint copyright in all their Original Material. Original Material includes video recordings, graphics, soundtracks, printed material and any other design or artwork commissioned by the Customer in relation to the film. The Customer must ensure that permission is sought for the inclusion of any copyright material they supply to The Wandering Film Company to enable them to deliver the product(s) or service(s).

•The Customer must also ensure that permission is sought for the inclusion of any performers or performances, trademarks and locations. The Wandering Film Company retains the right to use this material in its original and edited form as they see fit, unless otherwise agreed in the Order. The Customer agrees to indemnify The Wandering Film Company in the event of any breach of copyright claims being brought against The Wandering Film Company in respect of material supplied by the Customer. We do not distribute ‘showreel’ copies of your full Wedding DVD to potential clients, however by signing the Booking Form, you agree to let The Company use selected images of your wedding for promotional purposes only, including online hosting.

Liability, Health & Safety

• The Wandering Film Company accepts no liability for any loss or damage that may arise from the supply of the product(s) or service(s). In the unlikely event of The Wandering Film Company being unable to supply the product(s) or service(s) as specified in the Order, liability shall be limited to the total invoice value; in the event that the Customer has made a partial payment, to monies already paid by the Customer.

•Whilst every care is taken in the handling of the Customer’s property, The Wandering Film Company accepts no responsibility whatsoever for any loss or damage, howsoever caused, or any other loss by unforeseen circumstances whilst they are in the custody of The Wandering Film Company. Liability for such loss or damage will be limited to the replacement cost of the materials or media and in no circumstances will any liability attach to any claim for the value of the content.

• The Wandering Film Company and Customer will act in accordance with all relevant health and safety requirements in order to provide the product(s) or service(s). We do not normally use additional mains-operated lighting, mains power for cameras or cause trailing cables to be present, but reserve the right to do so.


•Unless otherwise agreed, The Wandering Film Company will treat any information gained during the supply of the product(s) or service(s) as being private and confidential. Likewise, the Customer shall keep confidential any methodologies and technology used by The Wandering Film Company to supply the product(s) or service(s).

Basis Of Law

•These Terms and Conditions and any accompanying letter and/or contract are governed by the laws of England and Wales.